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“I often refer artists to Hugo because I know he’ll go the extra mile…

and when Hugo’s work comes across my mastering desk, the solid mixes I hear are proof that it was the right recommendation.”

Nathan Moody - Obsidian Sound

Obsidian Sound

“Hugo is a positive force. He cares as much about the work he has been trusted with as the artist who hands it over. 

On every one of my tracks he has gone above and beyond, giving my music a level of class that I could never come close to alone. He is thoughtful, insightful and passionate. 

When changes needed to be made, he demonstrated a level of patience that allowed me to breathe and make decisions with clarity. 

I have spent money on many things in the search of musical excellence and I can hand on heart say that

Hugo is the best investment by far, not just sonically, but artistically. 

I would not hesitate to recommend him, he is a rare human and an exceptional artist.”

Chris Mann / HACT
Chris Mann


“Hugo is patient, personable, and very knowledgeable!

I always enjoy our thoughtful conversations and his passion for lifting up other musicians.

If you want someone who is technically savvy with a heart of gold, Hugo is your guy!

Amulets in his studio

Beacon Sound, The Flenser

“While I’d been part of the recording process numerous times as a bass player in various projects over the years, this was the first time I’d released my own music.

Hugo made a nerve-wracking experience much easier with his patience, understanding, and knowledge.

He made the album sound better than I could have possibly imagined and I was thrilled with the results of his work.

I remain proud of my debut release and I heartily recommend Hugo.

Your music will be in excellent, sympathetic, hands.”

Baltergeist's Studio

“I came to Hugo with a complex project that required both restoration and enhancement.

Hugo was very supportive and working with him was an easy and worry-free process.

He helped me articulate my audio needs, which he promptly translatedinto technical action.

He did a remarkable job of improving my recordings and the result greatly exceeded my expectations.

Wherever you are in your creative journey, audio enthusiast or established artist, I highly recommend working with Hugo”

Mick Harris